Sunday, July 4, 2010

latest and greatest...DISNEYLAND!

Last weekend Erik and I went with my family to the best place on the planet, DISNEYLAND! We did the "give a day, get a day" service project back in May, and we got one free day to Disneyland.  My family has always been huge on Disneyland. Don't worry, I only rode rides that were pregnant-friendly.

Enjoy! (I usually don't post too many pictures, and I didn't realize how many were in this post until I was finished.  Sorry!):

Erik and I in the parking garage, excited for the day ahead!

Here's the whole family, Rubes is barely hanging on in the stroller, but she was just so cute in it.

Of course Erik and I had to sport the TOMS.  Erik had just painted the ones he's wearing a few days before this.  They were perfect and so comfy.

Ruby and I did a lot of this.  Neither of us could ride many rides (she didn't fit the height requirement and I couldn't ride many without wanting to throw up), so we hung out together all day.  I'm going to speak for both of us when I say we had a good time (Ruby's face definitely testifies of this fact).

Erik made this shirt specifically for Disneyland (details about it later in the post).

Over on Tom Sawyer's island.

Erik and I on one of the few rides I could ride, Dumbo!

Some lady got a little upset after this picture was taken.  I guess we can't ride two people to one horse?? Erik wanted to make sure my horse didn't get too out of control while on the carousel ride.

Ruby has this new obsession of sucking on your face when you hold her. She would have tried to put Mom's entire face in her mouth if she could.

And we move to Erik's shirt. He was so excited to make it!  We took many pictures throughout the day of Erik next to random people.  It definitely made our day fun, and trying to make sure the person didn't see us taking the picture was part of what made it so funny. Queue roll of pics:
(this is our brother in law Nick, married to my sister Ashley.  He looks like he could beat the crap out of you but he's really a nice guy, I promise)

Aubs, perfect timing of the camera click.

Random mustache man.

Asian man. Enough said.

Old lady. Erik loved her for this picture.

We especially love this picture for the bromance that is happening and the love-child it looks like they have.

We went to the beach the next day, I wish I had taken more pics of the day of but there wasn't too much going on except for some napping, shopping, and a lot of this:

Erik and I around the campfire we made at night.  Hot dogs, hobo dinners and s'mores, yum!