Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love and Memories

I would first like to give a quick shout out to one of my best friends.  Just about 2 weeks ago (or what feels like 2 weeks) my baby sister looked like this:

 (She is going to hate me for posting this picture. Which really only makes me laugh)

And on Monday, she got engaged.  Say what?? Wasn't it just 2 weeks ago she was 10 years old and in the 5th grade?  Yeah I thought so too.  Time flies and I am so proud of who she has become.  We are so happy for her and her husband-to-be Brent.  Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs. Hunsaker!

This past week Erik's grandparent's came in to visit from California.  With it being their first time seeing Jude we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.  We were nervous at first, some people end up scaring the bajeebies out of Jude but he took to them very well.

Jude couldn't decide if Andy's glasses or mustache was more fun to play with, and he just loved the heck out of Lois. (apologize for all of the phone pics)

 This was the best picture we could get of Erik and Jude with Andy and Lois.  I have no explanation for what was going on with Jude.  I guess he can't always be photogenic.  I'm pretty sure it was past his bed time and he just wanted to be put down.  Don't worry, he wasn't stoned.

In the end we had a great time and Jude just could not get enough of them.  Thank you so much Andy and Lois for coming to visit us!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catch up

Oh, hey there.  Because I am getting close to 6 months without blogging, I figured I better hurry and get on this quick. I would hate to hit half a year without saying anything! At first I was feeling really bad about leaving you in the dark about Jude's birthday.  Then I started to find it a little funny.  I only have a few pictures from his big Cowboy Day, but seeing as he is almost a year and a half now I think I have more pictures to make up for it.

His cake that I made.  He took two bites and I ended up eating the rest of it.

We had food, games and a Rootin'-Tootin' good time!  Jude had no idea what was happening the whole time, and he ended up taking a nap halfway through.  He wasn't much a fan of his cake, I think the frosting was too much on his little tummy.  In the end I think everyone had a good time, and the first birthday is more for the mamas anyway.  So I say, success!

So now where do we go? Do I try and recap the last 6 months of our lives? Hello snooze fest.  Instead  I'm giving it to you shorthand. I started the nursing program (Finally!) in January.  I nailed my pee test.  I dominated it like nobody's business.  I supplied enough pee for my whole class and their grandma's.  Fast forward, I finished about two weeks ago.  I passed my first semester and its off to Block 2 I go.  No more wiping old men's butts anymore, that is all in the past.  As for Erik, he is still kicking butt and taking names at ASU.  Seeing him finish his Chemistry 2, Chemistry in Society, and Cellular and Molecular Biology was beyond dreamy.  Like really, total dream boat.

And then there's Jude.  Seriously what am I going to do with him? He has made my life as a mama so much more than I ever thought it would be.  I can never get enough of him, he fills a spot in my heart that only he is capable of filling.  He has taught me so many lessons in life.  Lessons of love, compassion, and forgiveness.  I know he was sent to me because I need extra help in this life and I feel like he is doing his job great so far.  Just his smile melts my heart and makes me want to be a better person.  This is the part where I open my arms and sing Bette Midler's "Wind beneath My Wings" like Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World (anyone?? anyone??). For now, you get a plethora of pictures of Jude, because he is just that cute.

Here's to a great summer, cheers!