Saturday, June 11, 2011


As I sit down to write this post, I realize I have been avoiding my computer the last month and a half. Let me explain, I start the nursing program this August, and I am terrified to say the least.  I will be gone from Jude all day long, and that brings me great anxiety just thinking about it.  I have the next 2 months to spend all day every day with him, and I have been extremely lazy and loving it.  The reason why I have been avoiding my computer, is because I don't want to share him with anyone else.  I want him all to myself.  I want to be the only one who loves and hugs and kisses him.

But I can't do it any longer.  I want to show him to all, like Rafiki showed Simba to all of the animal kingdom. So here I am singing "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba" (who knew those were the actual 
words to that song? I always thought it was something more like "Hoss sibanya, odo bee sitsee bo". At least that's what I always sang).

To start off, I have good news....Jude rolled over by himself! One minute he was on his back and the 
next minute he was on his stomach. Erik and I didn't even see it happen. The average child with 
Down Syndrome rolls by themself at around 7 months, and Jude rolled right after he turned 5 months. Woohoo! His therapist even said he won't be rolling for a while and he is more likely to sit by himself before he rolls. When he was on the ground he never showed any interest in rolling, but we are so 
proud of him, and he is on his way to crawling soon!

The rest of our time has looked a lot like this:

Spent a few days in Newport Beach. Erik's dad had to go for business so we thought we would tag a 

A lot of sleepy time:
(why does my foot look so abnormally large??) 

Every morning as Erik leaves for work at 3:30 a.m. he goes into Jude's room to check on him. The 
other morning he found this:
At first he was freaked out, and then he realized that Jude had rolled onto his stomach while sleeping and somehow shoved his arm down the mattress. He looked so comfortable we had to take a picture.

And last but not least, plenty of smiles:

And my favorite:
How could I not want to share this?