Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Last Thursday was Erik's 23rd Birthday! It started out by me waking up at 4:45 that morning to make him his favorite breakfast in the world: French Toast! He wakes up at 5 am to go to work, so I wanted to make sure I had breakfast ready when he woke up.  So when he walked out of the bedroom in the morning the first sight he saw was this sign along with the wonderful smell of cinnamon french toast:

Because it was his birthday I gave him the choice as to when he could open his presents, later on in the day or at 5 am.  Of course, he chose 5 am.  So i busted out the presents and he ripped them open in about 5 minutes.  I just got him a few shirts that he wanted, and then this pair of Tom's shoes that he wanted to badly!  He was so excited when he opened them, he had no idea!

His favorite treat is anything cookies and cream or oreo. So I made him an oreo cake complete with oreos inside the cake.  We both devoured that thing, and when I say we both I mean mainly me.  But he did enjoy it.

This was his favorite part:
I was not able to make it home in time to make him dinner, so I made him his favorite meal (chicken and rice casserole) the night before so he could warm it up before he went to school. His birthday was full of his favorite things!

This is also my 3rd year in the Easter Pageant and as always I love it!  I am a wise ten virgin this year, and I am also one of the dancing mourning women in the Mary Magdalene scene.  This is one of my mourning women costumes (the other girls and I trade off colors every night), my ten virgin costume is the red one I have worn the past 2 years.

Erik has been so supportive as always.  I had a performance the night of his birthday and he did not complain once.  He goes to school every night so he does not make every single performance, but he comes to as many as he can and he has even ditched class once just to come see me.

I hope you all are enjoying your Easter season!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Oh crap" moment...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why my job rules and Glendale dogs are 
the best:


Very awesome movie.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My wife is beautiful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Sorry!

If you haven't notice already the past few posts have come from Erik.  He gets so tired of a blog that does not get updated that he will find something random to post just to say we update.  Life has been so busy lately, blogging has been pushed to the very back of my mind.

1.) Ashley and Nick's wedding. In case you didn't know, my sister is getting married this Friday! It has been the longest 10 month engagement and we are all so excited that its finally here.  The last few weeks have consisted of helping with different decorations, stuffing and stamping envelopes, and trying to keep both bride and mother of the bride calm. We will all be very happy when this is over! (Swing by my parent's house this Friday night for the reception! My dad has worked very hard on the backyard for the reception and it looks BEAUTIFUL!)

2.) Work. I work full time answering phones at an atty's office.  We usually get crazy people that call in all day long so by the end of the day I am mentally exhausted! I know this is just preparing me for the amount of work I am going to go through in nursing school, but it's still tiring!

3.) EASTER PAGEANT! I look forward to this time of year all year long.  This is my third year in the pageant as one of the ten virgin dancers, and each year I love it more.  I was actually very surprised I was cast again this year because there were so many amazing girls at auditions.  But I am very thankful for the opportunity and I know how blessed I am!

4.) The Office.  Erica and Albert own all 5 seasons, and Erik and I are on round 2 of watching all of them.  Enough said.

5.)  Ruby.  She is just so cute!  All of my free time I just want to hold her and kiss her cheeks.  I'm sorry, but she trumps blogging.  She also resembles a cuter version of Stanley from The Office.  I can't get enough of her!!

So there you go, there are my reasons for not blogging.  Nothing super exciting has been happening lately, therefore no blog post.  But I have promised myself and Erik that I will do better at trying to blog about some things. Sometimes I think "I'm not the funny one-so what's the point!".  But I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come On

Sometime you see things that you just say to yourself,"Come on..."

Come on Lady GaGa...

Come on Justin Bieber...


This is funny because it's real.

This is funny because it should be real.

I just got this album, it's amazing. Check it out if you want.

Went and saw my #1 favorite band the other week: THRICE.

In order to see Thrice, we had to wait and watch Story of The Year first. They're pretty good, just super wild.

They got the crowd to make a huge circle and mosh. Pretty much they ran around and punched each other. I made sure to make my way to the front towards the stage instead.
Pretty crazy.