Thursday, May 14, 2009


Erik and I both finished school today-Hooray!
We could not be more excited for summer,
it has been well needed.
Too bad we both go back to school in 2 weeks.
8 weeks of Microbiology sound fun?
I don't think so.
But for now, I am going to bask in my happiness.
These were just a few of the feelings we have
been feeling today....

Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In the last year life has changed dramatically.
I had to get engaged,
(who does that right out of high school? oh ya,
half of the girls at Mesa High.)
And then, my best friends since the 2nd grade
had to move to Utah to go to BYU.
(who goes to BYU? oh ya,
half of my friends.)
Summer is here which means one thing....
The four of us got together and went to ihop,
which was amazing.

Janell and Dana,
the BYU girls who I have missed tremendously.

Thank goodness this girl, Karissa P. Jarvis,
decided to go to ASU because I don't know
what I would have done without her.
We have had to keep each other company
with just the two of us, and I never got tired of her!

I'm not sure what we were trying to accomplish with those faces...

Yay! The four of us back together again!
We are going to be those four old ladies 
you see out together and you just know
that they have been through so much together.
Yep, that is us alright!
I don't know where I would be in this life without them.
I love you girls!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Parents for a Weekend

This weekend Erik and I had the great chance to
practice being parents.
We watched these two little rascals Saturday morning
to Sunday morning, and it
could not have been more fun!
Here is adorable Ethan...

And energetic Wyatt....

The two of them at McDonalds...

Somehow Ethan got a hold of the Mountain Dew bottle,
and it was all over from there...

We love these boys!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!
To a wonderful Mother-in-Law.
I wish I had a better picture than this,
but it was all I could dig up.
We definitely have plenty of pics together,
but none that was easily accessible.
Anyways Happy 27th Birthday Stephanie!

Love, Erik and Amber


Today, I was embracing the wife in me,
and I decided to attempt to make the wonderful
homemade rolls my mom makes so amazingly.
I even had to knead the dough and everything.
(My mom doesn't do that, I'm just too poor,
and don't own a kitchenaid. Someday.)
Well, as I reached into the egg carton
to pull one out this is what I found instead...



I could not believe for a second that I had
actually just pulled an egg out of the carton
that still had feathers on it!
Don't they go through and inspect these things?
I checked it at the store to make sure none were broken,
but I didn't think I would have to flip each one over
and see if any still had the chicken attached.
I had about 3 1/2 minutes where I ran around
my apartment screaming and thinking I was
going to throw up. You know that gag thing
you do right before you do actually toss the cookies?
Ya. That is what I was doing.
It is a good thing Erik was at school,
because I was probably over reacting, but still...
Not only feathers, but some other 
orangish-yellow thing that has me convinced
it is part of another chicken.
Instead of throwing it away,
I secretly put it back in the carton
(upside down)
and now I am just waiting for Erik to find it himself.
Is that mean?
I don't think so.
I actually think it is funny, because I know
he will make an even bigger scene than I did.
Well, enjoy the rest of my feathered-egg pictures.
For some reason I blanked on how to turn this one around.
Happy Thursday!
(I hope you don't find feathers on your eggs.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gettin' Our Hair Did (aka-Haircuts)

As you know, we ride our bikes to school.
Summer is coming.
Summer in AZ=HOT!
So we decided to do all that we could to
make our trip to school, as well as our summer,
the best we could.
Starting with.....haircuts.
I knew for a while that I wanted to cut my hair short,
something I have never done before.
Erik on the other hand, wasn't as excited.
But seeing summer in the near future
he decided to cut his too.
This is his before picture...

Well, we are very fortunate that my bro-in-law Albert
is just about to graduate from Cosmetology school,
so he offered to cut Erik's hair for free...

Erik with his part mullet.

Erik with his definite mullet.
I am so happy those went out of style.

Yes folks, that is ALL of his hair.
I believe you could have made a wig out of what was cut off.

And, the finishing product.
This is his after picture...

Now we can approach summer with
an all new attitude.
My hair is waaaaaay shorter than I have
ever had it before, but I am in love with it.
Give Erik a week or two, and he'll love his too.
Hope you like!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Washington Kennewick Mission facts:

*Because 3 years ago today I left on my mission.

It's Paul Bunyan's old stomping grounds.

It creates some of the cheesiest pictures ever taken... ever.

The apples are actually bigger but some days the ties are shorter.

It's home to THE BEST/most stylin' mission president ever, President Belnap.

It actually borders Mexico.

People don't like to get rid of their front yard's weeds...

And real woman live in Washington.

Because pictures are funner than words.

As I was sitting here stalking everyone else's blog, Erik kept
saying how I needed to post more pics,
because "pictures are funner than words."
So, here is a bunch of the Chachi's favorite pics....

Us on the honeymoon at Disneyland

We be gettin married!

Us in pre swine flu Mexico buying "real" Coach purses

The D-Backs game just last week.

Easter Pageant '09. I played a foolish ten virgin, 
and Erik came to see me almost every night.
Foolish Virgins have more fun!
(Or as Erik would say "Naughty Virgins")