Thursday, September 29, 2011

These are my Confessions

Just when I thought I said all I could say, My chick on the side said she got one on the way (Usher 2004 anyone??)  That's not really my confession, I don't have a girl on the side or one on the way.  I definitely like men.

So get this, remember how I started the nursing program this semester? Or should I say, I was supposed to start the nursing program?  Yeah well that didn't exactly happen.  Well don't worry, don't worry, I will be starting in January but let me take you through the series of events that happened.  Although it is quite embarassing, its just too good to hold back.

August 16 I went to MCC for my orientation.  6 days left until I started the next 2 years of my life.  It was all about getting us excited to spend $1000 on books and letting us know we will need a good chiropractor as our backs will pretty much give out as we lug them around all semester.  They were all into "This is going to be the hardest 2 years of your life but you are going to love it! Oh, and not all of you will pass this semester. Hooray for the nursing program!"  I walked out of there feeling very overwhelmed and just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out, that way I wouldn't have to go to school.  They told us we needed to take a drug test.  No biggie.  I just pee in a cup that's all, it's not like I do drugs or anything.  I did have to pass up a poppyseed muffin though, that was a bummer.  They gave us 48 hours to give them our bodily fluids, it was a random drug test.  So I go down there, drinking my water ready to leave my pee and get the heck out of there (who wants to sit around and chit chat to the people you just handed your pee to? I sure don't).  I go in to take the test, and nothing comes out.  Hmm, that's weird.  I usually don't have a problem peeing on demand, and sometimes I even pee when I don't mean to (remember when I wet the bed?).  So I shrugged my shoulders and the tech told me to sit in the lobby, drink more and let her know when I'm ready to pee.


2 hours and 3 urine tests later I walked out of there defeated.  No pee. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I could not pee in that cup to save my life, and they are only allowed to give me 3 tries.  I wasn't able to supply the proper amount of urine in the 48 hours given, and when I went back to MCC with my tail between my legs begging them for another chance to take the test., they told me I would have to defer to next semester.  Rules are rules.  I pretty much just stared at them with my mouth gaping open.  Part of me wanted to slap them in the face and fall to the floor screaming "Wwwwhhhhhyyyyyy???", while the other half just wanted to show up to class anyway and see if they would notice.  Instead I went home and crawled into my hole I call my bedroom and never came out.  Actually I came out about an hour later when I needed to feed Mr. Man, but those are just tiny details.

All in all, it has been a huge blessing.  I have loved staying home with Jude these extra months and I will be so ready to start school fresh in January.  I have been drinking a ton of water and I'm not going to pee until that drug test.  Just kidding, who would really be able to do that? But seriously, the Lord knows what He is doing and even though He works in mysterious ways I am grateful that He has a plan just for me.

So yes, this was my confession.  I didn't start school. I know, I'm totally lame.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Walk for Down Syndrome 2011

The day was a huge success.  All of the hard work that Erik and I put into Jude's team paid off.  We ended up placing in the top 10 fundraising teams!  This was our one day where we could hold Jude up and scream "He's ours!" without annoying the heck out of everyone around us.  With our sign held high and "I'm a Jude Lover" shirts all over the crowd, Erik and I took a step back and breathed it all in. These people are here for Jude.  They are here because they love him.  We couldn't help but cry as we were surrounded by all our family and friends (ok fine, Erik didn't cry.  but I definitely did).  Although I was puking in the corner all day (no I'm not pregnant,  just a bug), we all had such a great time.

Jude had clearly just woken up from a nap and was really confused why we were still there.

Can you please take a second and enjoy the deliciousness that is coming from the bottom of this picture? It was a quick "Hey lets take your picture before you leave and things get crazy, ready set smile!" and amazingly enough that is how Jude's face turned out.  And I'm totally diggin on Jude's shirt. (Side story: Our team name was The Jude Lovers, so our shirts said "I'm a Jude Lover".  My brother in law actually had someone ask him exactly what a Jude Lover was...yes that really happened)

We had over 50 people come and support Jude, over 60 people purchase t-shirts, and we passed our goal of raising $1,500.  We want to give you all a big big THANK YOU to everyone that was so willing to support Jude.  Like I said, Erik and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.  We know we would not be where we are if it weren't for the wonderful people we know.  Jude's success is because so many people love and support him.  THANK YOU!!!