Friday, September 14, 2012

Instagram Update

First I would like to say thank you thank you thank you to all who have bought shirts and donated to Jude's team for the Walk for Down Syndrome.  Erik and I truly can not express enough just how much it means to us.  When we began this journey when Jude was born we never would have imagined the amount of people who would step up and support not only us, but most importantly Jude.  He has changed our lives and it is extremely moving to see him touch other peoples' lives too.  So thank you.

Being so busy in school the only social network I have time for is instagram.  It is quick and easy and I become a stalker to other people.  I check it at least 20 times a day.  So why not share all of the pictures I post there? Granted I think Jude is in every picture, but you will just have to deal with it.
(My username on instagram is ambermpayne if you would like to follow)

He does not enjoy all of his therapies.  But Tiffany, his developmental specialist, is probably his best friend.  

Came home from school to find a topless man running around my house.  At least he gives good kisses.

 Bad timing of the camera click

 Laughing with my parents

Books are becoming his favorite!

Lunch date with mommy and daddy.  Jimmy Johns didn't have a high chair so he got to sit in the booth like a big boy!

Sunday fort making and book reading

I can never say it enough.  I am in love with these two boys.  They make life so worthwhile and constantly keep me laughing.  I am going to take a moment to brag, Erik is finishing his Bachelor's in Biology at ASU where he will then apply for dental school.  He works full time (starting at 3:30 am!) and goes to school full time.  He is in the Elder's Quorum presidency in our ward (a leadership position over the men in our church), and somehow manages to make time for Jude and I, both family time and just he and I time.  He never complains and constantly builds me up.  He is a huge supporter of my schooling and is always pushing me to do my best.  I think I did a pretty good job in choosing my eternal companion!

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jude for President T-Shirts

"Jude for President" shirts now for sale!


The Jude Lover's 2012 Walk for Down Syndrome shirts are officially here. 100% premium fit, beautifully combed cotton t-shirts, sizes Small-XXL. They are of amazing quality, fit, feel, everything. Please let me know what sizes you want by Tuesday, Sept. 11th.  If you have not already let me know the size you would like, please comment on this post or email me at

After clicking on the blue "DONATE" button below, click on the "Donation Amount" box to enter the amount needed to pay (Ex: If you are ordering 2 shirts, please type in $20.00).  If you need the shirt shipped out of state, please add an additional $5 to your order and email me your address.  Again, thank you so much for all the love and support shown to Jude and Down Syndrome.

PS the actual Walk for Down Syndrome is Saturday September 22, from 8:30-9:30am @ the Tempe Diablo Stadium.

*Unfortunately this year's price does not include a donation to the Down Syndrome organization, so all $10 goes to purchasing the shirt. Any much appreciated donations need to be donated to The Jude Lovers/Sharing Down Syndrome page directly: