Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween 2009....Halloween was how many weeks ago?

Erik told me I needed to keep up on our blog. And when I didn't do it that day, he posted for me. That is why you have been staring at these pictures with no words. Well, thanks to me you now get commentary.
Before we left the house I swear Erik almost got struck down by lightning for his costume. But I have to say it was extremely hilarious, and he did look pretty cute (?). Of course, I was thy typical gangsta-thug.

Why yes you are right, that is Obama on my money necklace. And yes my belt buckle is a goblet that says "PIMP" on it.

You know the party gets wild when Erik starts singing karaoke.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This past weekend Erik and I went camping with some friends of ours. We were expecting it to be freezing, but thank goodness it wasn't.

Our friends Evan and Amanda Greer.

And our other friends Mark and Megan Taylor.
(She's prego with their first baby-yay!)

Erik doing all the work and keeping the fire going. That's my man!

Of course we have the men make breakfast for us, there's no other way to go! It tasted delicious by the way.

I was behind the camera the whole time I didn't even manage to get a pic of Erik and I, but we're all over this blog so much I'm sure you don't mind!
Hope you guys had a good weekend!