Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Washington Kennewick Mission facts:

*Because 3 years ago today I left on my mission.

It's Paul Bunyan's old stomping grounds.

It creates some of the cheesiest pictures ever taken... ever.

The apples are actually bigger but some days the ties are shorter.

It's home to THE BEST/most stylin' mission president ever, President Belnap.

It actually borders Mexico.

People don't like to get rid of their front yard's weeds...

And real woman live in Washington.


Karissa Jarvis said...

I am likin the pics. They are really good. Looks the the mish was an adventure. I love you guys. You are so cute. I need to see you both. PS I have your tights Amber.

Erik and Amber said...

ha ha when did you ever have my tights??

The Springen's said...

Oh, those pics make us miss you so much! HOWEVER, we are so bummed you left out a pic of the best family in your mission...come on now, where's the love???!!! Can't believe you have been home for a year...married and everything-WOW! Take care and keep in touch!
Love ya!

Zach said...

That lady represents K-Town! whasssup! You were an awesome missionary!